Jon’s Window Cleaning: Residential window washer, for Lancaster & Reading, PA - includes screen cleaning & repair, pressure washing, and cleaning rain gutters.

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Wilmington window cleaningEvery homeowner deserves the peace of mind that clean windows bring!

Jon’s Window Cleaning is a professional window cleaning service specializing in residential homes, from townhomes and condos to estates. Jon oversees each step of the process from the initial customer contact, and convenient scheduling, to the window cleaning itself, including a careful inspection of the work to ensure each customer’s complete satisfaction.

Along with cleaning the interior and exterior of the glass, the service includes wiping down sills and frames. Additionally, Jon’s Window Cleaning always keeps the work area clean while protecting your home with the use of drop cloths and careful moving of any furniture, or other delicate items. The safe maneuvering of ladders throughout your residence, and landscape is another significant aspect essential to a top notch window service. Jon’s can be counted on to handle all of these particulars with utmost proficiency.

Additional services include screen cleaning, screen repair, paint removal from glass, pressure washing, gutter cleaning, cleaning light fixtures and chandeliers.

Jon’s Window Cleaning also works with builders to service new construction homes and remodeling projects.

Jon’s Window Cleaning gladly offers pricing incentives for clients who are interested in recurring visits more than once a year. Developing a working relationship and serving our clients for the long term is an important part our business!

Additional Services

Screen Cleaning & Repair
Most windows are typically accompanied by screens that gather lots of dust and debris in just a few short months. We’re happy to clean your screens for an additional charge. We begin by removing each screen and washing it down with soap and water. Next we rinse, wipe down the screen frame, and then replace it back in the window.

Jon’s Window Cleaning also specializes in screen repair for any screens that have holes or tears in the netting, or even greater damage such as a bent or broken screen. We’ll even help find a replacement for any windows that are missing a screen entirely.

Pressure Washing
Pressure washing facilitates the removal of dirt, mold, mildew, fungus and algae. We provide pressure washing for your home’s siding and other areas such as decks, patios, and driveways. Along with clean windows, this service drastically improves the look and feel of your home.

Gutter Cleaning
Another popular service we offer is the cleaning of rain gutters. Gutters play a critical role in moving rainwater away from your house where it can do no damage. If your gutters are clogged with leaves, branches, shingle granules and other debris, they cannot function properly. Contact us and we’ll take care of it. First we clean all of the debris out of the gutters and put it into trash bags. Next we spray them out with a hose, and finally make sure all of the down spouts are flowing freely.

Cleaning Light Fixtures and Chandeliers
Jon’s Window Cleaning will happily clean your interior and exterior light fixtures and chandeliers. We can also clean your mirrors and shower glass utilizing the same methods we use for cleaning your windows.


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Jon cleaned my windows inside and out after a recent renovation. The windows were very dusty and dirty when he arrived, but sparkling clean when he left (he even wiped the screens and window sills). He is very quick, unobtrusive, neat and trustworthy. The price is perfect!

- Colleen Sussman
Exton, PA


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